DH Benelux will be a fully online conference. We are using Kaltura LiveRoom for all the paper, panel, and poster presentations. The main Social Event will take place via Gather Town (see below).

Kaltura Liveroom

You will be able to find a full how-to for Kaltura Liveroom here.

Signing in

When you will sign into Kaltura you will see the screen below. Fill out your real name and e-mail here (GDPR info).

After signing in you are asked to ‘Activate Your Devices’, after which you will be asked whether you would allow to give Kaltura Liveroom access to your mic and video. Please do so.

If you do not, you will not be able to be present using audio and/or video in the Liveroom, if you are presenting or would like to ask a question.

Asking a Question

If you would like to ask a question using your audio (and video), please raise your hand. A Moderator will set you to ‘Live’.

You will see a message in the top of the screen that says ‘You are now in live mode, click the microphone icon to talk’

NB you will still need to switch on your mic (and video device) after being set to ‘Live’. You can do this in the topright corner of the screen.

If you cannot or do not want to use audio yourself, you may also ask your questions in chat, after which the session chair will read it out.


If you are live presenting (rather than via a pre-recorded video), a moderator will give you permissions to control your previously sent presentations. You can do so with your arrow keys or by clicking on the arrows at the bottom of your presentation.

If you did not send a presentation beforehand, you can also share your screen. Please close any privacy sensitive information you may currently have open before doing so. Note that Kaltura is browser-based and will not automatically pop-up in a minimized window when presenting.

Social Events

Gather Town

On Wednesday and Thursday we will have a Gather Town space available starting after the last poster presentation until 18:30. If you indicated in your registration that you would be interested (Maybe or Yes) to joining this social event, you should find the password (and link) in an e-mail that was sent to you by the organizing committee. You will have to sign up to this space before entry (GDPR information).

Gather Town will also be available during the rest of the conference, but the space will have only limited server capacity (around 25). This means that, if there are too many users n the space, performance may suffer. During the timeslot of 16:30-18:30 we have capacity for 120 users.

In Gather Town you will be able to move around the space and chat using proximity-based audio and video. There are three main areas in the DH Benelux Gather Town:

  • The Academy Building: here you will be able to find information on Leiden University and some of its Digital (Humanities) projects as well as spots for smaller group chats
  • The P.J. Veth building. Here you will be able to find (some of) the posters presented during the conference.
  • The Hortus Botanicus, a large open meeting space.

Games Studies are an important branch of the research and outreach activities of the LUCDH and this Gather Town space therefore also has a playful side to it.

Find the Quote!

Accross the world you will be able to find snippets of a quote from one of Leiden University’s most famous scholars, the cultural historian and founder of play/game studies, Johan Huizinga.

Have you found all the snippets and pieced together the quote? Head to the Academy Building’s Groot Auditorium and read the quote to the rest of the gathering by standing on the loudspeaker square! (This means you’ll broadcast to everyone currently present, if you’re not willing to do that, contact any of the local organizers and they’ll make the announcement).

If you’re the first to find the quote, we’ll send you a choice selection of Leiden (University) goodies!

Play Among Us

Among Us is an immensly popular (free to play on mobile, Apple Store/Google Play , or approx. 3.99 euro on PC via Steam) ‘betrayer’ game (e.g. like the party game Werewolves), in which up to 10 players are piloting a spaceship together. Yet one or more of them are impostors who will try their best to sabotage the mission!

In short, if you’re looking for a little bit of lighthearted social ‘conflict’ at the end of the conference day, join for a game or two of Among Us!

Never played Among Us before? This 4 minute YouTube video provides a quick primer, but don’t hesitate to ask Angus for more instructions by going to the Gather Town Among Us spot in the Academy Building area.

Just Slacking?

For those of you who are looking for more traditional online social communication beyond Kaltura chat, we have also created a conference Slack. You should have received a signup link in the e-mail from the local organizers (GDPR information).

GDPR Information

Kaltura LiveRoom: Kaltura and/or Leiden will not use your personal data beyond the services offered by Kaltura Liveroom and is subject to a Data Processing Agreement between Leiden University and Kaltura Media.

Registration and participation on Gather Town, Slack, Among Us and any other non-Leiden/non-Kaltura Media platforms or services that may feature during the conference are subject to any data processing agreements that the organizations behind these platforms or services may wish to enter into with you as an individual.

As Leiden University cannot and does not guarantee EU-GDPR compliant data processing contracts and procedures, these platforms or services are not mandatory for participation in the core conference programme.