DH Benelux will be a fully online conference. In addition, we aim to have a limited on site programme, as well. What this means in practice will be hammered out during the following months. Below we outline some of the up-to-date details.


Your acceptance of contribution is based on a review of content alone and on the baseline expectance that you’re able and willing to have your work be presented in an online format.

In the case of a hybrid contribution (on site as well as via an online platform; paper or panels only), the local organising committee will provide the necessary infrastructure on location atLeiden University.

If your contribution has been accepted, you are guarenteed a presentation slot, whether you are able to present on site or online in one of the (parallel) sessions.

Online Platform(s)

The organising committee is currently evaluating the best platforms to use. Whatever platform we will use, we ensure it will be (1) have no fees to sign up for and (2) has solid data protection and security systems in place.

We are currently looking at a combination of community/chat platform+ videochat platform, with, in addition and potentially, a specific platform for poster presentations.

After your presentations and, if you consent, your presentation will be shared and viewable via the video platform of Leiden University.

If you have any suggestions for our consideration, we would like to hear of them. Please, email us your suggestions before February 5.

On Site

Any on site meeting will be limited in terms of participant numbers (as it looks now 48/day) and follow Leiden University’s Campus Protocol.

We will open registration for on site participation up first to primary presenters of papers. Any remaining slots will be opened for other, non-presenting participants.

Whether you participate online or on site, conference registration is free of charge.

We are currently looking at lunch options for on site participants, which will be bookable at cost at the time of registration.